HVG MARINE ELECTRIC EQUIPMENT 0325: Double-deck Steel Starboard Light:

Double-deck steel starboard Light is a kind of starboard light which produced by steel and made in to double-deck,which has the feature of corrosion-resisting and shock resistance.Applied to the ships with the length 50m or above 50m as lamp signal when night navigation.Conform to THE INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS FOR PREVENTINGS COLLISION AT SEA 1972 and GRADE ENTRY NORMS FOR STEEL SHIPS.

Products characteristic:

  • 1.It’s convenient to install and replace the bulb,and there are automatic aleak holes in the bottom.
  • 2.The shell of the starboard lights adopt good quality metal material steel,the surface is painted the special mold-power,has the feature of corrosion-resisting and shock resistance.
  • 3.The lampshade adopts polycarbonate,it has the feature of ultraviolet radiation resistance and does not discolor etc.

CXH1-10B Drawing:

Technical specification:

  • Specification
  • 1.Type:CXH1-10B
  • 2.visibility:3n.m
  • 3.Level arc:112.5°
  • 4.Lamp holder:B22d
  • 5.Bulb: 24V 60W , 110V 65W , 220V 65W
  • 6.Protection class:IP55
  • 7.Color:Green
  • 8.Material:Steel
  • 9.Weight:9.0kg