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HVG Marine Ensures You Get The Precise Service You’re Looking For Each And Every Time!

HVG Marine is an expert manufacturer, supplier and exporter of yachts and marine equipment for many countries all over the world. We distribute quality marine products and providing professional services to leading brands in the marine industry.

HVG Marine has pursued a consistent mission: to create products with exceptional standards of engineering and meticulous attention to detail. To achieve this, skilled hands, driven by a passion for perfection, make all the difference. They are able to fulfil every customer’s dream. Our craftsmanship is matched with a hunger for innovation, creating designs that continuously push the limit.

We insist on doing everything seriously, and continuously improve and enhance our team’s capabilities and services. In order to meet your needs, our team ready to go all out! Once you selected, we want to be your partner forever!

HVG Marine provides world-class products, innovative design and is a leader in the marine industry !

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What Our Clients Say About Us

Our customers are our most important focus. Consistent high-quality work is HVG Marine’s trademark!
“I have found HVG Marine to be discreet, trustworthy and professional in all my dealings with them. I would highly recommend HVG Marine to other yacht owners.”

Toby Bian - CEO

"Your superior products, outstanding customer service and super fast delivery times make you stand head and shoulders above the competition."

Ken Stoner - Manager

"Most companies are judged by the quality of their after sales service and this is something that HVG Marine exceed at."

Mary-Lou Losee - Marketing Manager

"Your product development is a big plus. We will continue to use the products and services provided by HVG Marine due to the best quality provided."

Roy Mapol

“Service and support is fantastic – these guys really care and want us to enjoy these boats as much as they do!”

David A. Smith

Thanks to HVG Marine, the family have had so much fun on the water, it’s our home-away-from-home. It really is the perfect blend of quality, performance, and price!

Myles King

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